NOV 11 - 13, 2022

Improve Chronic Fatigue Outcomes

with Functional Nutrition and Nutrigenomic Strategies

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Who should attend the S.H.I.N.E. 2022 Event?

This event is designed for health practitioners who want to add value to their practice.

Doctors, nurses and other front-line health professionals who want to break out of the allopathic system, empower their clients, and get to the bottom of their health issues without pharmaceuticals.

Health coaches and nutritionists who want to stay ahead of their savvy clients — the ones who have "tried everything" — and support them to transform their health and truly get to the root causes.

Nutrition enthusiasts who want to stay at the cutting edge of health information so they can get as healthy as possible (while in the back of their minds wondering if they have what it takes to help others get healthy as they learn).

I’m not yet a Health Practitioner. Should I still attend?

Although this event is designed for health practitioners, you can still benefit from attending if you’re not a health practitioner as long as you like to “geek out” on nutritional information.

We’ve had accountants, a guitar teacher and even a homeschooling mom join us at S.H.I.N.E. and implement the information they learned.

I’m already a Doctor/Nutritionist/Naturopath. What are you going to teach me that I don’t already know?

The information you’ll learn at S.H.I.N.E. 2022 is not taught in medical school. It’s not even taught in most Naturopathic schools. The “done for you” materials alone will save you countless hours and allow you to use the information right away.

We’ve had conventionally trained nutritionists say the step-by-step approach that we teach leaves no stones unturned and provides a structured process to identify the root cause of any health issue.

Naturopaths and Medical Doctors alike have told us that this information is beyond what they learned in medical school.
Yes, your spouse can attend the online event with you.

If you have office staff members that wish to attend, you can all attend from the same location. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a guest ticket for each person, as they will need a private link to attend the event.

If you're attending the in-person event and want to bring a spouse or a team member, reach out to for information on a discounted ticket. Because food and gifts are included there will be an additional fee. 

Can I get a refund if I can't attend?

You will forfeit your purchased ticket if you cancel less than 30 days before the event or you don’t show up. Between the time of purchase and 30 days before the event, there is a one-time $50 cancellation fee.

You can transfer the ticket to attend one of our future events or as a credit towards the recording bundle.

If you need to transfer your ticket, please email
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