Take the art of living foods to a whole new level. 
Raw Food University

You'll have access to the tastiest and smartest ways to enjoy the benefits of living foods!
RFU Classes Available for Purchase
The benefits of eating a diet high in raw plant food range from increasing your energy and helping you drop unwanted pounds to preventing and reversing serious illness. No one can argue the benefit of replacing nutrient depleted processed foods with fresh and alive fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts and seeds.

Most people have no clue that these whole fresh foods can be turned into gourmet masterpieces, bursting with flavor. When you master the art of raw food preparation, you no longer feel deprived. Raw food is not just about carrot sticks and salad.
Whether You're a Hard Core Raw Foodist or a Budding Beginner, We Have Something For You.
All RFU Classes Include Over 2 Hours of Recipe Video Demonstrations and All the Recipes in a PDF e-Book!
Only $27 each or buy the complete bundle and SAVE!
Raw Food University
We'll help you take the art of living foods to a whole new level with our Raw Food University (RFU) and Gluten-Free Academy classes.
The Art of Gluten-Free
Bread Making
Learn to Make Amazing Gluten Free Living Bread:  Turn Whole Raw Foods into  The Ultimate Comfort Food
Delicious Dairy-Free 
No Guilt Cheeses
Learn to Make Delicious Nutritious Raw 
Cheeses That Satisfy Your Cravings 
and Nourish Your Body
Quick and Easy Healthy
"Fast Food" Meals
Learn to Make Delicious, Nutritious, Quick and Easy Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Trans-Fat Free, Raw and Living Foods Meals on the Run
One Dish Meals
Learn quick, delicious, nutritious dishes that require a knife, a cutting board and a bowl. You'll also get tips for creating your own one dish meals from ingredients you have on hand, plus an easy, inexpensive sprouting technique.
Eating for Hormone Health

How to Use Food and Your Fork to
Free Yourself From Hormone Imbalance!

Eating for Bone Health

Protect Your Bones While Enjoying Mouth Watering, Nutritious, Easy to Make Snacks, Meals and Desserts Made with Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Trans-Fat Free 
Raw and Living Foods
Kids in the Kitchen

Empowering Kids to Make Healthy Choices
and Make Their Own Food. Foods are Mouth Watering, Nutritious, Easy to Make, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, and Trans-Fat Free
Picnic and BBQ Foods

Learn to Create Mouth Watering, Nutritious, Easy to Make Picnic and Barbeque Foods Using Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Trans-Fat Free Raw and Living Ingredients
Party and Potluck Nibbles
That Nourish
Register for this class and learn how to make nourishing and nutritious holiday dishes and hors d'oeuvres that will make your next party platter a hit
Sweets for Holidays and
Special Occasions
Learn to Make a Delicious Traditional Holiday Sweets Using Whole Raw Ingredients and  
Natural Fruit Sweetness
Holiday Feasts

Learn to Make a Mouth Watering Healthy Holiday Feast That Energizes and Nourishes  
~ No Bloat, No Guilt! ~
Pizza and Pasta

Learn to Make Amazing Gluten Free, 
Dairy-Free  Living Pizza and Pasta Dishes

A Taste of Mexico!

Learn to Make Delicious Mexican Meals :
Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Plant Based Raw Food Recipes –  Totally Delicious!
Thai Goes Raw

Learn to Make Gluten-Free Thai Food: 
No Need to Sacrifice Flavor for Health!

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