Attention health care professionals ...
Digestive Mastery: How to Uncover and Repair the Root Cause of Chronic, Persistent Health Challenges. 
 Develop the Skills YOU Need to Lead Your Clients to True Healing and Inner Peace
… And Become an Indispensable Miracle Worker in Their Lives.

You CAN contribute to world peace through the creation of a true health care system, become a hero to your clients and patients, AND grow your business, as you take on the toughest cases and get results. I'll show you how.
THIS is the first step.
Get the tools, knowledge, and confidence you need to help your clients and patients achieve true balance and health.
From the desk of Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
I'm assuming you're here because you want to help people. You are a healer by nature, and you're not content to apply Band-Aids to situations that need so much more.

You likely understand what I mean when I say our current Western "health care" system is actually a disease-management system. And you're here because you want to help change that, right?
You're passionate about your mission: to play a role in building a true health care system - one where individuals are empowered to achieve vibrant health through diet and lifestyle actions.

But what if you’re really not equipped to do this? 
Does any of this sound familiar?
  • You’re frustrated and discouraged because some of your clients continue to suffer, even though you’re doing everything you know how to do to get them well.
  • Sometimes you even feel like a fraud. You turn down people with serious health challenges who have been to other practitioners without success, because you don't feel like you have anything more to offer.
  • You often feel overwhelmed, incompetent, and helpless. Even though you have the passion it takes to make a difference, you know you don't have the right tools … and therefore, you lack confidence in your ability.
  • You're uncertain about whether you can support yourself with your holistic practice, and you are scared that you may be forced to go back to a job you can’t stand.
If any of this resonates, you’re not alone. 
It’s sad and frustrating that so many passionate, caring health care professionals like you—naturopaths, acupuncturists, nutritionists, nurses, doctors, dieticians, and chiropractors, to name a few—struggle to get consistent and lasting results with the less than obvious cases … often making it difficult to make a good living in their chosen craft.

Are you among them?

If so, you’re likely feeling jaded, disenchanted, and frustrated and your practice may be spiraling downward.

If you turn down working with really challenging cases, you limit your success and your income potential until you develop the competence AND the confidence to get real results. 
The truth is that no one can know everything, and being a competent health practitioner takes training, constant learning, and the deep desire to get to the root of complex health issues.

What if I told you that if you focused on just one thing first, you could help get to those root causes that have (until now) escaped you?

This could be the difference between having a full, thriving practice that gets you tons of referrals and having a failing practice that causes your patients to develop even more serious systemic health issues down the road.

When you discover the missing link underlying most complex and chronic health challenges, you can finally identify the ROOT causes of your patients' and clients' symptoms and restore balance naturally.
Imagine what actually happens when you become a miracle worker —
solving the most complex cases: 
Your confidence grows.
Your clients refer their friends to you, and you become the go-to practitioner.
Your business expands.
Your revenue grows.
You feel fulfilled and deeply satisfied, because you are able to bring the gift of true health and healing to your clients and patients. 
So what IS the missing link?
What do you need to know and do to get to the root of the most complex cases?

What do you need to be able to evaluate and balance in your patients, from top to bottom?

Drumroll please …

It's gut health. (Surprised?  Maybe not!  Keep reading for details…) 
Gut health is the FOUNDATION to whole health — mind, body, and spirit.
A healthy, happy gut leads to a healthy, happy person with a deep sense of inner peace – which ultimately can lead to peace on Earth.
What does gut healing have to do with peace on earth, you might ask?

Well, when you become masterful at healing the gut, you start to get great results and generate lots of referrals.

Your clients will start to call you a miracle worker (as many of my clients do).

A healthy gut leads to a happy person. Your clients’ joy will have a ripple effect on their families and on their communities.

The ripple effect is huge. As people continue spreading increased happiness and health to those around them, they contribute to health in their families, communities, and the world.

So for each person you help, dozens of others experience positive changes, as well.
Healing the gut plays a major role in whole body health. 
Skipping that one step has serious consequences: 
  • If you don’t understand how the gut works, and your client is educated and starts asking you questions about why you are suggesting certain things, you look like an amateur.
  • If you can’t go deep enough to solve your clients' health issues, you risk losing them, as they go elsewhere to get better results. 
  • If you aren’t well versed in how things work, you might make a mistake and recommend a supplement or herb that’s contraindicated for them.
  • If you don’t have clinical mastery, you are likely to rely too much on trial and error, and it will take a lot longer to get results than it should.
Now, imagine being the go-to expert in your community for health and healing — the practitioner that people refer their friends and loved ones to in times of crisis.
Imagine becoming a household name, growing your practice with ease and confidence and getting referrals from your happy patients and clients because you were the only one who was able to get to the root of their mysterious complex case.
Imagine being on the forefront of health care, leading the way with your clinical prowess and success. Imagine your most trusted clients calling you a miracle worker. How does it feel when they thank you from the bottom of their hearts?
A growing body of scientific research is PROVING the gut-brain relationship and how gut health is ESSENTIAL for mental health and whole body health!
MANY health problems that are hard to diagnose and treat ARE being resolved by restoring digestive balance.

Here’s the thing:

If the gut isn’t balanced, it can lead to a variety of common symptoms like:  
  • Depression
  • Brain fog
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Joint pain
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Skin breakouts 
  • And lots more...
When you master GUT health, you master WHOLE health … and as a result, you can solve even the most complex cases.
Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System (CMDS) - Dr. Laura Ricci
Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System (CMDS) - Dr. Alison Grimston
I will take you by the hand...
and lead you through everything you need to know about gut health, hormones, and whole health, so you can FINALLY live your mission of bringing true healing to your clients,
and they can experience THEIR most rewarding life!
When you do, you’ll be making the world a better place, one client at a time.
Before I show you how, I'd like to share a bit of my own story with you, to explain why I'm so passionate about creating a true health care system, and how I'm qualified to help you.
I was a hard-charging 20-something with a fast-paced career in the computer industry. I literally lived on caffeine and sugar, until I crashed and burned. I became so sick I couldn't function. I suffered from headaches, sinus problems, digestive problems, and more.

I felt awful.

After tons of research (during which I gave myself the title, "Master Health Detective"), I realized my lifestyle and diet choices had made me sick.

I learned that the only way to true health was to completely change both.
I became a Doctor of Chiropractic, earned my Master’s degree in nutrition, and became a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. I have additional certifications in acupuncture, herbal medicine, HeartMath™, living foods, and I am a diplomate of the American Clinical Nutrition Board.
Now, I am an author, speaker, seminar leader, and teacher who trains individuals and practitioners in functional medicine and nutrition.

I’ve had decades of success in guiding patients and clients through the process of restoring balance and improving their overall health, as well as in training health practitioners to do the same.

I’ve coached and trained nutritionists, health coaches, and others interested in a natural, holistic approach.

I’ve also trained conventional medical professionals – doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, and even therapists – in getting to the root cause of symptoms and restoring balance ...something their medical training did not prepare them to do.

Today, I am brimming with energy and feel good all the time. I feel confident in my skill set.

But it wasn’t always that way.

My story goes even deeper.

After I'd become a Master Health Detective and restored balance and vitality to my own body, I lost several family members to preventable diseases.

Just before I graduated with my doctorate in chiropractic and my Master's in nutrition, my mother suffered a massive heart attack, which took her life at age 56.

About 2 years later, I lost my dad, just as suddenly as I’d lost my mom, to the same insidious disease.
I was devastated. With all my knowledge and training, I couldn’t save my own parents.

I became determined to get the message of self-care and holistic prevention out into the mainstream, to prevent others from suffering needlessly.
I was just starting to develop an online presence, so I could reach more people than a 1-1 practice allowed me to when my younger sister died of lymphoma.

That's when I said, "Enough is enough."

I knew I needed to make a bigger difference. I needed to share my successes with you and other practitioners so together, we could heal lives and end needless suffering.

This is why I'm so passionate about sharing the tools I’ve developed to help you solve even the most complex cases – to get to the root cause and have the tools, resources, and skills that will enable you to motivate and inspire your patients and clients to put into action the diet, lifestyle, and supplementation protocols they NEED to heal.
With these tools in hand, you'll be equipped to help your clients achieve incredible results. 
… a tour of digestion from a clinical perspective, in a comprehensive, step-by-step online training.
Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System (CMDS) - Diane Letchworth
Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System (CMDS) - Jane Guyette
Here's just a taste of what you learn when you enroll:
Part 1. Assessment and Overview of the Digestive System
Here, you'll gain a thorough understanding of the different parts of the digestive system. You'll learn how to use powerful assessment tools to determine what's wrong, so you can create a personalized health plan with your client.
Part 2. Upper GI: Anatomy and Physiology
Part 3. Upper GI: Pathology and Assessment
Part 4. Upper GI: Healing Protocols
You'll learn about assessments and lab tests that reveal what's going on in your clients' upper GI, as well as protocols for healing the root causes of illness.
Part 5. Small and Large Intestines: Anatomy and Physiology
Part 6. Small and Large Intestines: Assessment
Part 7. Small and Large Intestines: Pathology
Go in-depth into the assessment and lab discovery of the small and large intestine so you can evaluate what's wrong and advise how to repair it.
Part 8. Repairing Leaky Gut
Part 9. 30-Day Gut Repair and Detox Protocol
Discover protocols for healing leaky gut syndrome and the other symptoms it causes, including a 30-day gut healing program you can guide your clients and patients through. We'll dive deep into food allergies and how to spot them.
Part 10. Healing Dysbiosis, Candida, and Other Gut Bugs
Discover how to cleanse for candida and other parasites, as well as a protocol for general gut dysbiosis.
Part 11. SIBO, SCD, and FODMAPs
Learn to evaluate SIBO and create lifestyle and diet choices that reverse this bacterial condition.
Part 12. Soothing Irritable Bowel 
Learn the proper assessments you can use to determine what is happening with your client, as well as the digestion protocols that help heal IBS, constipation, diarrhea, and hemorrhoids.
Part 13. Support for Inflammatory Bowel Disease 
Discover how to evaluate IBD and provide clients and patients with lifestyle protocols, habits, and diet choices to improve their health and quality of life.
Part 14. Liver and Gallbladder
Gain in-depth knowledge of the anatomy and function of the liver, along with the foods and lifestyle choices that lead to optimal liver and gallbladder health.
Part 15. Endocrinology of Appetite
Did you know appetite has its own function when it comes to digestion? Discover what it is and how to utilize it for optimal digestive health.
Part 16. Hormones and Digestion
Hormones play a huge role in different parts of the digestive system. When you understand this role, you can determine which nutrients will be of most help to your clients, based on their symptoms.
Part 17. Optimizing Digestive Function
Learn the components of a healthy digestive tract. Discover how the intestinal and colonic lining work, what damages that lining, and how to repair damage. Receive an extensive list of foods, nutrients, and herbs that heal the gut.
Part 18. Teaching Tools: Client Gut Repair Program
Receive charts, worksheets, and access to my GRAND (Gut Repair and Alkalizing Nutrition for Digestion) program. Share these resources with your clients to empower them to take control of their health.
Part 19. Teaching Tools: Food Allergy Resources
Use this food allergy elimination and provocation protocol with your clients to help them avoid allergens and maintain gut and whole health.
Part 20. The Gut-Brain Connection in Clinical Practice
Learn how the gut and brain are intimately connected and what to do to keep them in balance. Make the connections among depression, anxiety, brain fog, memory problems and attention deficits, and the health of the gut so you can help bring mind-body balance to your clients.
In short, this is EVERYTHING you need to guide your clients in healing and balancing their digestive system using proven functional medicine strategies.
Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System (CMDS) - Steph Jackson
That’s a lot to cover, isn't it?
Here's how we're going to do this, together...
When you invest in Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System, you receive:
  • 5 Digestive Mastery Roadmap Units comprising 20 training modules. Each module contains video and audio trainings, transcripts, PDF copies of slides, and a variety of materials, including assessments, checklists, and handouts you can use with your clients. You can complete this training at your own pace, on your own schedule. (Value $1997)
  • 5 months of "Get Your Questions Answered" Office Hours Calls. Review client cases, get expert advice and answers to your questions, and get coaching and mentoring on your client or patient cases (or family member cases or even your own), in real time, from Dr. Ritamarie and team. You get access to 5 months of calls, so you can continue to get support even after you’ve completed the course work and are implementing it into your practice. (Value $1997)
  • 12 Done-for-you protocols containing step-by-step assessment and balancing strategies for the top most commonly seen digestive issues. Use these protocols to create personalized programs for your clients so you can guide them to balance and great health. (Value $997)
  • 12 Months of access to our exclusive Private Facebook Group, where you get to interact and network with practitioners in ALL of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology programs. This is a growing group of health professionals of all calibers, including doctors, nurses, health coaches, nutritionists, acupuncturists, herbalists, and more. The interaction and learning here is worth the entire program investment in and of itself. (Value $500)
  • Recordings of archived coaching and case study calls from previous Digestive Mastery LIVE sessions. Learn from real-life cases that other practitioners have experienced and the guidance provided by Dr. Ritamarie and other practitioners. (Value $497) 
Plus, you have the opportunity to apply to become a Certified Digestive Mastery Practitioner through the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology, which supercharges your expertise, credibility, and practice growth.
Earn 30 CEUs with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals when you complete certification.
Now, you may be wondering how much this amazing, in-depth program is going to cost you.

Actually, it’s not going to COST you anything – because it’s really an investment, as opposed to a cost.

You will easily and quickly generate multiple times your investment when you implement what you learn in Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System. You will be more competent and confident, change lives, and become known as the go-to practitioner for solving the really tough health challenges. 

Your business will explode, as you become known for getting results. 
Imagine the impact your success will have – on your business, your life, and your community.
The total value of Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System program is $5988.
I realize that if we priced it at $5988, it would be out of reach for many of the practitioners who would greatly benefit from this practice-changing program.

So that we could get it into the hands of as many dedicated practitioners as possible, we decided to offer it for just $1997.

But you can get started for as little as $747 today with our easy 30-day payment option.
Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System (CMDS) - Toni St. Clair
To make this offer even more amazing, when you enroll in Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System today, you’ll also receive the following valuable bonuses:
2 Tickets to our annual 3-day S.H.I.N.E. Conference 
There is nothing like a LIVE event to catapult your motivation and your expertise. At this event, dedicated to health practitioners and healers, you’ll learn the most up-to-date information on current health topics from Dr. Ritamarie and her carefully-selected guest experts. Using the principles of nutritional endocrinology, enjoy unprecedented success with your clients when you demystify the complexities of their chronic health challenges that no one else has been able to solve. (Value $1994)
Access to an Advanced Testing Mastery Resource on in-depth digestive  assessment strategies and case review analysis
This training includes detailed walk-throughs of stool analysis, leaky gut testing, autoimmune markers, antibody testing, organic acid testing as it relates to the digestive system, and more. There are 4 1/2 hours of video training and case study analysis that will empower you to get to the root of all the complex cases that come your way. Plus you get lab resources, interpretation guides, and other tools to empower your work. (Value $997)

The opportunity to mentor a client or family member through our  Gut Repair and Alkalizing Nutrition for Digestion (GRAND) program 
You get a free seat in this a step-by-step, client-oriented gut-healing program. You can use the program for yourself or guide a client through it as their coach. This gives you the opportunity to see how I run my program and coach clients in a group setting, so you have the framework to create your own program and reach many clients at the same time. (Value $497)
A recorded video training from Steph Jackson: 10 Organisms of Digestive Imbalances That You and Your Clients Need to
Know About 
Build an in-depth understanding of the microbiome, probiotic customization approaches, and access a downloadable probiotic/bacteria cheat sheet. Steph's presentation includes her list of 3 important digestive imbalances, the top 5 invasive organisms you need to know, the most reliable testing for each, and 10 probiotic bacteria that can help. (Value $297)

"Create Your Own Gut Healing Program" Recordings and Case Study Reviews from a Digestive Mastery Virtual Retreat Day
Learn how to create a gut healing program of your own and how to enroll clients investing top dollar to get your expert guidance. Listen to case studies and hear solutions from practitioners who attended previous programs. Learn from their questions and the solutions we developed, together. (Value $497)

The total value of the bonuses is $4,282.00.
In summary, you get $5,988.00 worth of program features and $4,282.00 worth of bonuses, a total value of $10,270.00 for just $2497.
And to make your decision to say YES today - to your clients, your practice, and yourself - for a LIMITED time only you can get all $10,270.00 worth of program features and bonuses for an initial installment of just $747 followed by two additional payments of $747 or a single investment of $1997.
Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System (CMDS) offers you the potential to increase the impact you make in the world, be rewarded for the results you get, and create a thriving practice.
I want this to be a no-brainer for you, and at this investment level, it should be. How many clients or patients will you need to enroll to repay this investment? 

If you get just one client to say YES to working with you on a 3-month gut healing program, you'll easily make back at least your investment (and much more when you follow the steps I teach you in our bonus Virtual Retreat Day recordings segment on program creation).  

And I'm confident that as you begin using what you learn and enjoy consistent results with challenging cases, you'll have new clients lining up at your door.

Using the easy monthly payment option, you can even get started for just $747 today, which makes it simple to say yes when you consider how quickly you'll earn your investment and how much more easily you'll be able to achieve the best results with your clients. 

Plus, you make the investment at no risk because you're covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try the program. Attend at least one live group coaching call. And if, within 30 days of enrolling, you determine that the program is just not right for you, let me know and I'll issue you a full refund.
So, are you ready to join me for Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System?
Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System (CMDS) - Sharla Jacobs
Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System (CMDS) - Shonda Holt
If you’re still here, it’s likely because you have a few more questions.
Q: I don't have a medical degree. Am I ready for this program?
A: As long as you have a passion for - and understanding of - health and nutrition and have been helping yourself, family members, and/or clients, and you enjoy studying how the body works, you can handle it.

Sure, it’s complex science, but I make it very easy to learn because I've broken the information down into easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement pieces you can use right away. If you don't yet have a degree, this course can lay the foundation for your future learning.

I'm giving you everything you need to truly get to know the digestive system, how it relates to the rest of the body, including generalized, systemic, and chronic conditions, and how to optimize digestion and facilitate whole body healing and repair.

Plus you'll get plenty of "done-for-you" assessments and protocols so you can quickly figure out what's wrong and which corrective actions to take to restore your clients to balance.

Q: I’m really busy. How do I fit this into my schedule?
A: I've designed this program so that you can complete the modules at your own pace and easily fit studying in to even the busiest of schedules.

Plus, we’re here to support you, answer your questions, and make it as easy and convenient as possible.

When you implement what you learn in this program, you’ll be able to more quickly evaluate and create protocols to guide your clients to balance. You’ll spend less time behind the scenes trying to figure it all out and have more time to attract and serve additional clients.

It took me many years to figure all this out on my own, to create the assessments and protocols, and to lay it all out in an easily accessible manner.

You get to save LOTS of time AND money by joining the program and benefiting from my investment.

Q: I don’t have a steady stream of new clients yet; maybe I should wait until I do.
A: When you implement what you learn in our Digestive Mastery program—which you can do immediately because we'll guide you step-by-step through the assessments and protocols —your clients, patients, and loved ones you work with will experience real results, and they’ll refer their friends and family members.

All you need is a single new client doing a 6-week to 3-month program to more than pay your investment back.

Your business will grow naturally. And when you complete the requirements to become a Certified Digestive Mastery Practitioner, you'll boost your credibility and expertise, and clients will be lining up at your door.

So, can you really afford not to invest? If you don't, your business may not enjoy the growth and success you dream about.

Q: I’ve been helping clients with digestion for a while, and feel like I have a good grasp on how it works. What more can I gain from this program?
A: Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System is a much more in-depth program than most (if not all) other programs on digestion available today.

We dig deep into the hormonal control of digestion, the gut-brain connection, and conditions like SIBO in more depth than most other trainings.

Plus, you’ll get access to live mentorship, support with your client cases, and the opportunity to talk with my team members and other practitioners via our group coaching calls and Facebook group.

Q: Will I be able to implement this if I live in another country?

A: Since most of the course is delivered online via recorded videos and downloadable assessments and checklists, you can complete it no matter where you live. 

The live monthly calls are generally offered mid-to-late afternoon Central time, which makes attending live possible for a variety of time zones. We also give you recordings so you can listen to the great questions posed by other practitioners and hear the answers from our experts. 

Of course, if you can't attend live, we'll provide you with a process for submitting your questions in advance so you can hear the answers on the recording.
Listen to what others are saying ...
Dr. Izabella Wentz
Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein
Sandra Scheinbaum
So, now are you ready?
Yes, Dr. Ritamarie!
I'm ready to discover Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System!

I understand that for my investment of $1997 (or 3 installments of $747), I’ll receive:
  • 5 units comprising 20 training modules (Value $1,997)
  • 5 Months of calls for case study, support, and mentorship (Value $1,997)
  • Done-for-you protocols on a variety of digestive issues (Value $997)
  • Access to the private Facebook group (Value $500)
  • Recordings of archived coaching and case study calls from previous Digestive Mastery LIVE sessions (Value $497)
Plus, I have the opportunity to apply to become a Certified Digestive Mastery Practitioner through the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology, which supercharges my expertise, credibility, and practice growth.

Earn 30 CEUs with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals when you complete certification.

And, when I enroll in Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System, I will also receive the following valuable bonuses:
  • Bonus 1: 2 Tickets to your annual 3-day LIVE S.H.I.N.E. Conference for functional medicine and nutrition professionals (Value $1994)
  • Bonus 2: An Advanced Testing Mastery Resource to deepen my ability to test for digestive imbalances, including stool analysis, leaky gut testing, autoimmune markers, antibody testing, and organic acid testing (Value $997)
  • Bonus 3: A seat in your Gut Repair and Alkalizing Nutrition for Digestion (GRAND) program for myself or a client (Value $497)
  • Bonus 4: A recording of Steph Jackson’s 10 Organisms of Digestive Imbalances That You and Your Clients Need to Know About webinar (Value $297)
  • Bonus 5: Recordings of Digestive Mastery Virtual Retreat Days (Value $497) 
That’s a total value of $10,270.00 for just $2497 $1997 TODAY.

Plus, I make the investment at no risk because I’m covered by your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I will dig into the program and attend at least one live group coaching call. If, within 30 days of enrolling, I determine that the program is just not right for me, I’ll let you know and you'll issue me a full refund.
Sign me up!
CMDS Program
Today Only $2497 $1997

or 3 easy payments of $747

This is your chance to finally discover the missing link between your clients' mysterious symptoms and what's really causing those issues, at the root.

It's your chance to learn how to use powerful assessments to get to the root cause of complex health challenges and to use functional nutrition to solve those challenges. 
This is your chance to become part of creating a TRUE health care system.
Dr. Ritamarie
Founder of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology 
P.S. You may already know a lot about digestion, but Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System takes your knowledge much, much deeper.

You'll learn precisely how digestion relates to the many body-wide symptoms your patients and clients are experiencing and how to assess what's really going on.

When you do, your clients get results, they refer their friends, and your business grows.

This is an investment worth making for you, your practice, and especially for your clients.
Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System (CMDS) - Andrea Nakayama
P.P.S. When you become masterful at restoring balance to the digestive system, you can help more people, more quickly, and become part of the new paradigm of health - a true health care system.

It's pretty awesome! Join me now, for Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System.
CMDS Program
Today Only $2497 $1997

or 3 easy payments of $747

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